Building one-on-one connections to your guests

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The Simplicity

We call this Hassle Free WiFi. We project manage everything from start to finish so that you can keep your focus on your core concerns- managing your business. Once your company is set up in our management system you simply give us the address of the locations where you want to add a One WiFi Hotspot and we get to work.


We ship each location our One WiFi Hotspot Pack which includes on-site marketing materials and our plug-n-play wireless access points. On site staff need only plug the wireless access point into their internet connection and we take it from there.


Within 5 minutes of being plugged in, our wireless access points will synch with our servers and your company branded guest network will be online!


The One WiFi Hotspot is designed to help you to add wireless internet to your business model in a way that is quick, efficient and nearly effortless.


Want to learn more about the benefits of using One WiFi?


The Marketing - We work with your marketing team to help ensure that your business maximizes the interaction with your guests while they are on site and after they have left.


The Technology - Our remotely-managed One WiFi Hotspot systems are engineered to make this truly hassle-free WiFi for you and your IT team.