Email Capture on UniFi Networks with Added Engagement MarketingThe latest service features from One WiFi includes a host of new tools for managers of UniFi Networks. Now you can easily capture emails on your UniFi networks with no added hardware needed. Plus we have bundled in many more features., 7 Mar 2019 0:00:00 +0000WiFi Marketing- What it is and how your business can benefitPeople have been talking about WiFi Marketing as a new way for a business to reach their customers. Many times when talking about WiFi Marketing people dont take the time to explain what it is or how it may work for businesses. Here are some basics on WiFi Marketing and how your business can best leverage it to your advantage., 15 Feb 2019 0:00:00 +00005 Must Have WiFi Features for your BusinessAre you offering your customers Xfinity WiFi or AT&T WiFi at your locations? You have better options that are designed to increase your sales and boost your bottom line. 5 Must Have WiFi Features for your Business. #GuestWiFi #managedwifi #publicwifi #businesswifi #restaurantwifi #cloudmanagedwifi, 24 Jan 2019 0:00:00 +0000Manage the User Experience with our UX DashboardCloud Managed WiFi- Now available to all clients is our UX Dashboard. With our cloud managed WiFi you can manage the experience of the WiFi at your locations., 4 Jan 2019 0:00:00 +0000WiFi Designed for Restaurants and Guest EngagementeWireless™, a pioneer in interactive and strategic public WiFi solutions announced their first line of original cloud managed Wireless Access Points engineered to interact with customers. With the capacity to manufacture their own equipment eWireless now offers Wireless Access Points that are purpose-built to increase restaurant brand loyalty. Engineered with features designed to allow for the best possible customer experience and guest engagement., 9 Nov 2018 0:00:00 +0000WiFi- the best connection to digital marketingToday, managed WiFi is an additional vehicle for digital content delivery and can easily be used to connect customers with a brand's digital content at the point of purchase. To compete in today's digital landscape, brands need to do more than just push content to customers' phones, tablets and laptops. If leveraged well, managed WiFi can help make brands omnipresent. Here's how:, 11 Oct 2018 0:00:00 +0000Understanding WiFi Options at your Managed PropertiesWiFi in the clubhouse and other common areas have become standards in Apartment Communities. . When you use these services do you know if they have protections in place to shield your property from potential liability? We've got the answers to some questions that you should be asking., 10 Sep 2018 0:00:00 +0000Email Express is the quickest way to build your email listWe have a number of options already available to build up email contact lists, but after polling a number of clients to see what they wanted in a system, we have created something new. One WiFi Cloud managed systems introduces Email Express., 14 Aug 2018 0:00:00 +0000WiFi for Better Resident Communication and Engagement.Better engagement with your residents results in better retention. To get better engagement better communication with your residents is key. The best way to communicate with people is by tapping into the tools that they use to communicate with their own friends, family and co-workers. Our newest suite of Apartment Community WiFi apps can do that for each of your properties. One WiFi has got you covered., 6 Jul 2018 0:00:00 +0000As seen on Forbes: Strategic WiFi MarketingRecently Henry Kurkowski, CEO and Co-Founder of One WiFi was invited to write an article on how brands can best leverage managed WiFi to build a stronger connection to their customers. Continue reading..., 7 May 2018 0:00:00 +0000