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Restaurant WiFi Hotspot Providers

 Restaurant WiFi has become a standard. One WiFi Hotspots are a great way for you to differentiate your QSR locations from your competitors and help build customer loyalty. Quick service restaurants prefer rapid table turns as opposed to full service restaurants that cater to more leisurely dining. Our systems allow you to reap the benefit of offering free WiFi and relieve the risk of people hogging valuable table space.


The One WiFi Hotspot helps build brand loyalty.  We enhance opt-in marketing, social media & location based marketing initiatives and bundle in guest WiFi all in one secure and affordable package. Click Here to learn more in our 60 Second video.


Fully managed, eliminate any more work for your IT team
Build guest database, collect info for use in loyalty & eClub campaigns
Highly scalable, cloud based services can be added to multiple sites simultaneously
Enhance social media marketing, connect guests seamlessly to your social media sites with every use
Quick ROI, low upfront costs makes it easy to see returns
Hyper-localized, promote items and goods only in certain areas
24/7 guest support, services backed by full technical support
Usage reporting, generate reports by location

Our offerings will satisfy your IT department and assist your marketing team reach their goals. We also offer options with zero up-front costs.


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Integrated Broadband Solutions also available nationwide.

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