Building one-on-one connections to your guests

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Property Management Groups

One WiFi brings a fresh approach to tenant services for building owners and property managers by providing a fully managed WiFi service solution. Our customized service offerings permit the rapid deployment, operation and management of wireless Internet access locations.


Our newest suite of built-in WiFi apps will enhance your properties while creating better engagement with your tenants and increasing property value. 


Local wireless networks add tremendous value to commercial properties by providing convenient Internet access for tenants, visitors, shoppers and guests. Whether they are in a conference room, meeting a guest in the lobby or checking emails from the parking lot, these types of cost effective services allow your property to stand out from similar available area spaces.

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Fully managed, eliminate any more work for your team or take control from the cloud.
Build tenant communication, push info right to your tenant's devices
Highly scalable, cloud based services can be added to multiple sites simultaneously
Enhance social media marketing, connect seamlessly to your building's social media sites with every use
Quick ROI, low upfront costs makes it easy to see returns
Hyper-localized, promote customized for each property to highlight amenities and other items
24/7 guest support, services backed by full technical support
Usage reporting, generate reports by location

Our offerings will satisfy your IT department and assist your property management team reach their goals.