Building one-on-one connections to your guests

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The Marketing

One WiFi automated marketing apps make your locations a power house for your digital marketing and customer engagement. One WiFi helps businesses increase customer loyalty and promote faster repeat visits. Our systems showcase your new offerings and services, help increase sales at the point of purchase and add consumer touch points.


We help maximize digital marketing and social media marketing initiatives. We guarantee that your digital marketing content is seen and interacted with by your customers each time the WiFi. We also feed your social network sites new followers directly from your locations t o create better connections to your customers. We make sure that you make the most of the interaction with your guests while they are on site and after they have left.

Our innovative marketing apps are unique in the WiFi industry and part of our proprietary management systems.  


Push your promotions right into your customer's hands and onto their phones each time One WiFi is used.


One WiFi helps you get better engagement with your guests and boosted customer loyalty.


Take us for a test drive. Try out One WiFi for 30 days, risk free and hassle free. Find out more.


Want to learn more about the benefits of using One WiFi? 

The Technology - Our remotely-managed One WiFi Hotspot systems are engineered to make this truly hassle-free WiFi for you and your IT team.


The Simplicity - We project manage everything from start to finish so that you can keep your focus on your core concerns - managing your business.