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Blog / 2009 / August
August 28, 2009
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS
During a conversation one day with an old mentor of mine, he pointed at his ears then pointed at his mouth stating: you were given two of these (ears) and only one of these (mouth), which means that you should listen twice as much as you speak. If you take the time to listen, your customer will tell you everything you need to know in order to maintain a great long-term relationship with them.

Not only have I found this to be true but now we have the tools to reach this golden goal to with the masses.
August 11, 2009
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS
You can no longer think that the marketing strategies that you have had in place in the past will continue to work in today's economy and that you will live happily ever after. The story must go on.