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June 29, 2009
Are you in town on business or pleasure?
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

As I travel I make it a point to read the in flight magazine and the magazine in the hotels that highlight area shops and points of interest. Because of the periodical that they are in, these ads are geared to catch the eye of the visitor who will be in town for only a short while. Certain fine dining restaurants always seem to be a key advertiser in these magazines, and for good reason. 

The business traveler is a fantastic demographic for a restaurant brand to build a relationship with. According to one in flight magazine more than 45% of their readership's job is professional/managerial in nature and 13% would be considered "Top Management". While in town these individuals may take a casual meeting in a restaurant over coffee, some catch up on emails while having a burger, and others need the use of some space for an informal presentation. So we know that some of the higher end steak houses are reaching out to this group, but what about the fast casual and quick service restaurants? How do they tap into the mobile professional? 

Speaking with many business travelers I know two things to be certain, they all know that in any city that they fly to they can pay for wireless internet service at Starbucks, and they can get free WiFi at Panera. These brands no longer even need to advertise the fact that they offer WiFi, it is now merely another aspect of their identity. Although these two companies are not (in my humble opinion) utilizing the full potential of their connection to their guest, offering WiFi has undeniably done them a world of good. 

Offering Free WiFi is a proven way to get a quick service and fast casual restaurant brands to develop a relationship with the business traveler and arguably create a kind of cult following. Utilizing a managed WiFi Hotspot service like One WiFi is a great way to strengthen that relationship and build loyalty. 

Remember that the business traveler has to go home sometime. Reaching them while they are away from home, and then re-connecting with them with incentives to come back helps them go back to the eatery while in their home state. This also gives them the comfort of knowing that they can enjoy the same quality and service at any of the brand's locations no matter where they may be traveling.

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