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Blog / 2010 / August / The Social Networking (Road) Map
August 11, 2010
The Social Networking (Road) Map
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

The marketing firm Flowtown has recently re-created a map of online communities that has gotten some raves from social media experts.  It visually depicts these "countries" and their current populations including rising nations, the Land of Defunct Social Networks and the Former Kingdom of MySpace.  With some guidance this depiction can also be used as a map to help safely navigate a business through this virtual world.


My first bit of digital advice is to try to steer clear of the Sea of Desperation. This area of the online world is filled with countries populated only by the lonely and those looking for a reasonable facsimile of love.  Instead try to navigate your way through the Sea of Personal Information and come into port at one of those wealthy countries with coastal boarders.  The wealth of trade that these countries command can be fantastic for a business if you have a strategy to take advantage of what they have to offer.  There is really no point in working hard to negotiate a cargo ship full of personal information if you don't have a sound plan on how to profit from your bounty.


The Volcanic Island of iPhone apps should only be visited by those who are adventurous and willing to ride more risky trails.  The apps traded there can be useful but they can also be a risky investment to those who are unfamiliar with this culture.  If intent on touring this land be sure to have a guide that has had some experience in dealing with the natives and leveraging their goods for a competitive advantage.  Otherwise you may use up much needed funds that could have been used to fuel your journey to more prosperous grounds.


The receding glaciers of AOL and Windows Live are certainly a nice place to visit if you enjoy nostalgia but that's really all they are good for in their current state.  Beware! There are a number of Google Information Gathering Posts and you need to be cautious!  These areas are full of pick-pockets who will take your valuables without you ever even realizing that they have been snatched.


In the end, the places you visit should be dictated by your goals. These goals should be backed by well thought out strategies that hopefully marry your online marketing with your traditional marketing.  You should not try to navigate these lands blindly. It is too easy to be sidetracked and waste time in places that may be fun to visit but do nothing to help build up your business.