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June 2, 2010
Your marketing strategy should be strategic
by Kirby Goble   |   0 COMMENTS

The response from the title may sound like a big "duh, no kidding", but I see far too many companies needing this reminder.  On a weekly basis I come into contact with companies not utilizing or developing cohesive short, medium and long term goals into a complete marketing strategy.  The reason why?  Technology.  New, and in many cases not so new technologically advanced marketing tools have inundated businesses with options and possibilities on how to promote their brand. Sadly the side effect of this sudden evolutionary leap is that the marketing department may not be able to keep up quickly enough to get a good grip on the new tactics now available.  


Let's take a quick look at what technologies are being tested by many of the more progressive companies. Right now text messaging is seeing success in some markets and is being tested by a number of companies in areas with a high population density. You can use texting to get people the information that you want them to see directly and quickly. Info on special hours during a holiday, a promotion you want to push or a new contest. The mobile phone is a direct link to your consumers and having your brand right in the palm of their hands whenever you want is a pretty nice accomplishment.

Microblogs like Twitter are not exactly new, but the number of new companies using this tool to keep in touch with their audience is steadily rising.  It's a quick and efficient way to reach your guests en masse with updates. A great example is Its use for mobile restaurants in California right now. The Mobile restaurant can Tweet the next street corner that it will be on before they get there. Their experience using this tool? People are typically already lined up at the corner before the Mobile restaurant arrives. That is a great example of utilizing this type of marketing to show instant returns on the time investment.


WiFi- it's not just for coffee shops any more. C-stores, Auto-service locations, restaurants from fine dining to QSR's and even retail locations are using Free WiFi to get people either in the door or to keep them happy while they wait.  It's highly effective for doing both of those things, but the added benefit is that it can enhance other techno savvy marketing initiatives.  McDonalds is not giving away free WiFi in 11,000 US locations just to be nice guys. They are using the system to connect their guest with info they want them to see on contests and special offers. They use WiFi to direct guests to links to the corporate Twitter and Facebook pages to gain new followers and fans. They are using it to reach their audiences well after they have left their locations and entice them to come back by grabbing their contact info.


Regardless of how you reach out to your audience remember to keep focus on your end goals with your marketing. The technologies mentioned here are simply tools to help you reach those goals, so don't be intimidated by them. Google an article or two to learn how to best use them and learn which ones are right for your company. The best way to reach today's audience is by using the services that they use. Reach them in the manner that they have become accustomed to receiving information and make sure that the content is fun and useful. You will gain consumer loyalty by simply giving them what they want the way they want it.

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