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Blog / 2010 / March / Free WiFi: Is it right for my business?
March 10, 2010
Free WiFi: Is it right for my business?
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

Recently I was interviewed by Christa Hoyland editor of QSR Web. The article goes into detail on how operators can benefit by offering no-fee wireless access to attract guests and boost the bottom line, but there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. IT departments and marketing departments should take a look.


When deciding if offering Free WiFi is the right decision for a business there are going to be several factors to weigh. The marketing people want it because if done correctly, it can boost their existing marketing efforts and create new opportunities to reach out and touch their guests.


The IT people many times see it as a hindrance to their network and as one more item on an ever growing list of responsibilities placed on their plate. However, as the article discusses with a real life example, by using the right service provider it can make the IT department shine in the eyes of the company.


The CEO and CFO will wonder about the ROI and clearly they will see a big boost to their bottom line as well as an increase of brand awareness. There are going to be those who will try to figure out the solution on their own, but I implore you to read the article and all questions will be answered on why it is best to use a service provider.


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