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Blog / 2011 / September / One WiFi 5.1 has arrived
September 12, 2011
One WiFi 5.1 has arrived
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

During beta testing with select clients we made some changes and went past 5.0 but, hey it's all good! We are excited to introduce the next generation of our proprietary software as one of the most advanced and feature rich WiFi management tools available today. After almost a full year in the making One WiFi 5.1 has arrived.


We have engineered some fantastic features in this newest generation of the One WiFi Management software. We have even added in some back end coding that will allow us to easily add in new marketing modules later on in 2011 and 2012. So what's so great about our new software version you may ask? Well, I 'm happy to let you know;


New Client portals- Our client portals will allow One WiFi clients to see data in real time as well as export reports and other information on demand.


Hotspot Spotlight- A new marketing tool that when activated will allow clients to boldly feature new items, promotions and contests each time the WiFi service is used. The spotlight can be hyper-localized to highlight promotions that may only be available in limited areas.


New end-user interface- A sleek new format for guests to use when creating accounts. Looks great on mobile devices!


HOP- Hours of Operation- Block access to the network when your locations are closed for business.


Account Segragation- A better way to allow your onsite staff to work more efficiently and keep session time limits and other restrictions for guest accounts.


Scheduled connections- Send a message to your guests whenever you want. Schedule it anhour after they have left, a day, a week or whenever you want!


SMS Password- when activated guests can now recover their passwords right over their mobile phones.


There are way more features than what is listed above, but there are just too many for this small space. If you would like more information on what's here and what's just around the corner, then drop us a line! Click on the contact us button on the upper right and we will be happy to get the conversation started.

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