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Blog / 2012 / January / Give your Ads a Second Life in Super Bowl style
January 24, 2012
Give your Ads a Second Life in Super Bowl style
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS

 Many companies use traditional media to reach their audience. TV, Radio, print and even direct mail marketing. A big portion of their marketing budget is dedicated to these mediums, and then afterwards, they use social media. We've seen a disconnect in the fact that sometimes they have what appears to be two separate marketing campaigns. They have one campaign for traditional media and then one for Social media. This type of duality is inconsistent especially since there will always be crossovers in the audience. A better strategy may be to communicate Super Bowl style.
To get more bang for your buck, have one message that is repeated across all media platforms. Sure, you may have to tweak it a bit for the various media styles, but the repetition of the same message offers consistency of the ad and a louder voice. That is exactly what Super Bowl ads are doing this year to get a bigger "Share" of the audience, or more accurately, from their audience.

Americans love to share things that they enjoy. Social media allows for an unprecedented ease of sharing and that is exactly what advertisers are counting on for the Super Bowl . Mashable recently wrote an article on the third annual Super Bowl survey created by ad agency Venables Bell and Partners. This survey is a comprehensive look at viewers who watched the super bowl and were planning to watch it again this year. They have created an interesting infographic outlining the digital water cooler showing how ads are shared and propagated by viewers. It's definitely worth a look.