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Blog / 2012 / March / Its All About What's Under the Hood
March 20, 2012
Its All About What's Under the Hood
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS

 One WiFi maintains itself as one of the most advanced WiFi management systems available. We have designed One WiFi and our proprietary software to be used as an easy to use marketing vehicle to boost brand loyalty for our clients. Everyone knows that as with any vehicle it's what is under the hood that counts. That is why we are constantly working on the engine that drives our company; our backend control panel. Recently we have given our engine a bit of a boost.

We have upgraded our backend systems to a lighter code that helps move information along faster. Users of our Private Cloud Portals will notice the new grid style management consoles and reporting modules. This will help with increased speeds of load times of reporting, exporting and other on-demand information.

What this means to all of our clients is a quicker interface and our continuing commitment. We are committed to keeping One WiFi as one of the most advanced WiFi management systems available ( on Earth anyway). To this end we are constantly adding new features, services and developing code that makes things even better. Stay tuned, 2012 will have many exciting advances!

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