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Blog / 2013 / April / New Servers Online
April 22, 2013
New Servers Online
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS

 In 2012 we moved our data centers to the financial district of Manhattan. Since the move our data center team has done an extraordinary job even during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Actually their performance during that crisis was well beyond extraordinary. We are proud of the work we do but we are always looking to be a better company for our clients.

We have recently migrated our data and systems over to a new set of servers that will vastly increase our speeds to our ever growing number of wireless networks that we manage. There was no interruption of services. The move happened quietly and painlessly with almost no hiccups to report.

What this means is a faster response times for our remote management, logins, and other services. This also mean a bigger capacity for our databases. IN short, this means bigger faster managed WiFi service for our client base. And as always with regards to our clients, we upgrade at no expense or hassle to our customers. Enjoy!

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