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January 15, 2013
The Road Map for One WiFi
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

 Earlier we shared some news about our terrific growth in 2012. At that time we already had plans in the works to use that forward momentum to move us even farther in the managed WiFi arena. It is our goal to not keep our growth at a steady rate, but to also build up and improve our systems while offering new services to our client base.

We have built some fantastic strategic partnerships to add to our services one of which is featured here. We are expanding these existing partnerships and building new ones to build and compliment our suite of services. These partnerships will help to enhance our customer service, security and remote management of the thousands of networks we manage 24/7.

Other partnerships will allow us to expand our offerings to better meet the needs of clients who are looking to bundle customer amenities and be more competitive for their customer base. We like to speak with our customers about things other than WiFi and we listen! We've heard what their needs are and we are poised to assist to meet those needs.

Beside the partnerships we are always working on improving our code and back end systems. An even fuller, feature rich One WiFi is coming down the road for 2013. And we are thrilled to share the news! So be on the lookout for some big changes an exciting ride in the coming year.

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