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May 13, 2014
Tips from a Bartender on ROR (Return on Relationships)
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

We all know what ROI is, but what about ROR? One key element of sustainability is getting an idea of the return on your relationships with your customers.  Are you getting back as much as you put in or are you getting less, more or is there no relationship there are all? The art of managing a relationship is something that any good bartender knows.  A good ROR generates loyalty, return sales, new customers and can keep cash in the register during lean times.   


I have put together my ABC's on building up a good ROR based on my experience in the field of sales and as a bartender.  While behind the bar I had always gone out of my way to make sure that I had a good following.   This helped me ensure that during any lunch shift, happy hour or a night shift I had a steady flow of customers to keep me company and put cash in my tip bucket. I have found that these guidelines work equally as well in just about any customer relationship scenario.  


Authenticity- Be sure to be genuine with people. There is never a need to put on airs and try to be something that you are not.  People in general can tell when someone is being phony.  Being a little phony may work for a quick sale but if you want a relationship with someone then be sure to be up front and authentic.  This way they know what they can and can't expect from you.



Balanced - Don't make it all about the sale.  Again, this is a long term connection that you are aiming to develop.   Make your interaction a balanced exchange instead of just a pitch. Give some background on yourself, offer up something personal, something that opens the door to get to know you and not just your product.



Curiosity - Take the time to be genuinely curious about who it is in front of you.  Find out their likes and dislikes on a number of topics. This will help you to better understand their needs and aspirations. In turn this will help you to suggest some things that they may not have asked for at the time.  When you have a special or promotion you will know right away certain customers who would love to know about it because you are familiar with their tastes.


These tips will help you get to know your customers and allow them to know you. After all isn't getting to know one another the basis of any great relationship? It is easy for a person to go to a competitor when they don't know their salesperson. It is much harder for them to turn away from someone they know and trust. In other words it is hard to leave someone that you share a relationship with. 

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