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Blog / 2014 / September / Picturing our Beautiful Wireless World
September 24, 2014
Picturing our Beautiful Wireless World
by Henry Kurkowski   |   0 COMMENTS

 We live in a WiFi world, literally. Wireless singles surround us and even though we may not be aware of them they move around us and change in way we cannot see. Now an artist and researcher has invented a way for us to visualize the wireless world in which we live in a new and beautiful way.

We live immersed in Hertzian Space. To better understand Hertzian space imagine it as a being bathed in cloud of information. Devices such as your mobile phone, laptop or tablet can translate this information to you in the form of texts, websites or social media. With the invention of what he calls the Kirilian Device artist and researcher Louis Hernan has come up with a way to view this world in real time. He has used this new device to create a series of photographs that shows the beautiful landscape around us.

The devices change color as it detects stronger and weaker signals as it moves around. Using the changing and moving lights and long exposure photography he creates otherworldly images of life in Hertzian space.

A link to the project's website is here. It contains a number of photos and video. Also check out the section on the Wireless Seance. A kind of ritualized performance of WiFi Space.