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Blog / 2016 / August / Apartments are Ready for a Tech Renovation
August 11, 2016
Apartments are Ready for a Tech Renovation
by Brad Irvin   |   0 COMMENTS

 High speed WiFi where you live sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? I was reading an article in TechCrunch about how Multi-Family Real Estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and how technology in this sector is trying to keep up with their demand. Today over one third of all new housing is made up of these multi-family units which should be a huge motivation for property managers to update and employ new technologies and amenities. The smart property management groups are doing exactly that.

The recent trend has been that the younger generation of millennial and young professionals are choosing to rent apartments in urban areas as opposed to purchasing homes. They are less attached to the idea of home ownership and more attracted to the idea of a lifestyle.  This means that they will be looking for places with the right features and resident amenities to suit their lifestyles. A good part of their lifestyle is lived online, the communities that understand this are rallying to build communities to embrace the online life.

WiFi is one of the most popular and in demand features that an apartment community could offer. It is a must have for a millennial as well as other groups. High-speed internet as well as other high tech offerings are some of the factors that future residents are weighing when they are deciding where to live. Strategic Apartment WiFi is the hottest and easiest feature for a property management group to offer in order to attract residents. It can meet any budget and is installed very easily, much easier and cheaper than a tennis court or a new fitness center for example. Internet access via WiFi is a must have, so why not give them what they want? Read more of the TechCrunch article here