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Blog / 2017 / February / Engagement Turns a Customer into a Regular
February 10, 2017
Engagement Turns a Customer into a Regular
by Brad Irvin   |   0 COMMENTS

 Friendly service and a warm welcome are great beginnings to any customer relationship. How you engage them is an important factor in making them feel good and comfortable about your brand, but you want more than them just feeling good about your brand. You want them coming back over and over again.

Customer engagement can be a powerful tool when it comes to ensuring your customers are repeat customers. No one wants to see a new customer walk through their doors only to never see or hear from them again.

Why did they not come back?

What can we do differently to encourage them to come back?

Are they aware of our products, services, specials, or promotions?

How are we engaging with our customer?

One very obvious solution to this issue is by harnessing the power of social media. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc to highlight your business goods and services is always a smart idea, but how do you know your customer is even aware of you social media? How do you feed your social media pages more fans and followers so they can become more effective?


The answer is managed WiFi. Using you company's cloud managed WiFi service to push your content to the customer upon connecting to the network will ensure the customer connects to your social media directly. They get direct links to all of your social media all at once so they can pick the platform they like best. With all of the different social media apps available everyone has their personal preferences. Managed WiFi will puts all of them at once right into the palm of their hands, right on their phones.


This also allows your customers the ability to very quickly share information about your place with their friends seamlessly. For the customer, knowing that you offer half-priced appetizers on Wednesdays or maybe you have a special breakfast on Saturday morning may make the difference as to whether or not that person decides to come back again and when.


With cloud managed WiFi and just a couple of clicks you will keep engaging your customer even when they are at home or work or anywhere else they are when they go online. As you can guess, people spend a lot of hours every day online. So why not engage them there? Keep your brand in front of your customers no matter where they are and at any time of day. Cloud Managed WiFi will quickly turn a customer into a regular.