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Blog / 2019 / June / Forbes: Why It's Good Business To Support The Arts
June 19, 2019
Forbes: Why It's Good Business To Support The Arts
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS


One WiFi has a long history of giving back to our communities. Recently our CEO and Co-Founder wrote an article to express how giving back builds communities and builds business. Our company understands that it is only a small part of a much larger community. In order to ensure that this community flourishes it is important that every member contribute something towards the greater good. Our team members are involved with both Arts & Cultural Nonprofit Organizations


Businesses should recognize that supporting arts and cultural programs can help to build their surrounding communities. The stronger the community is, the better the business opportunities can be for a company. A city with a vibrant artistic and cultural scene often attracts better talent, and a company that is directly involved with that vibrancy is set up to better retain and grow that talent.


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