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Blog / 2019 / September / Manage the User Experience with our UX Dashboard
September 18, 2019
Manage the User Experience with our UX Dashboard
by Oliver Kent   |   0 COMMENTS


Now available to all clients is our UX Dashboard. With our cloud managed WiFi you can manage the experience of the WiFi at your locations. As often as you would like you can change the looks and feel of the login page as well as what web page your customers will see after they login. Do you want that post-login page to have a bit more impact on your customer engagement? We've got you covered.


You can set limits for how long people can use the WiFi in a single sitting and even set the WiFi to be off during specific time periods if you choose. If you want to collect emails from customers to use in opt-in marketing, you can switch to that feature with the click of a button.


From bandwidth controls to usage reporting, there is a host of features available to you on the UX Dashboard. With our new line of WiFi Hardware and our UX Dashboard you get powerful tools to increase customer engagement and the customer experience at your locations.


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